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Babble of Water

‘Solina’ is a Finnish word that probably translates best into ‘babble of water’. And babble of water would actually be a very welcome and refreshing sound right now, after a long and cold winter! We can’t quite hear any babbling brooks yet, and it’s still somewhat freezing here, but otherwise it really starts to feel like spring in Helsinki! We do love winter too, but it can be quite a frustrating season style-wise, because you have to wear warm layers and long sleeves all the time, and even the thought of wearing a skirt is enough to give you goosebumps.

A while back Saara made herself this adorable Solina top that looks so fresh and vernal, that it really makes one dream about spring and summer attire! And even though the print on this rayon crepe fabric is presumably representing marble, it kind of looks like it could also be purling spring water, don’t you agree?

If you have been following what’s happening at Named lately, you might have noticed that we have been making some video tutorials! You might even recognize this top from the videos. If you haven’t seen the videos yet, navigate yourself to our video tutorial page or, find them in Vimeo or YouTube. There are three videos of this Solina top, too.

The tie detail, sewn inside the pleats at the waist is probably the most significant design detail of the Solina top and dress, and even though it might look complex, it’s actually not very hard to sew. If you’re interested in learning to sew that lovely bow tie waist, but struggling to comprehend the process by just following the literal and illustrated instructions in the book, we suggest you take a look at the Solina tie video!

Saara didn’t make any alterations to her pattern, but she opted for the short sleeve (same as in the Saraste dress in the book), and a collarless neck. If you’re not familiar with the idea of our book, here it is in a nutshell: you can mix and match elements (such as sleeves, collars etc.) inside one style, or even from a style to another (like the Saraste sleeve on this Solina top), and create garments that are 100% unique! Ergo – Breaking the Pattern.

For more inspo, follow the hashtag #breakingthepattern in Instagram, or simply visit our IG page, where we strive to share as many garments from Breaking the Pattern as we can! Also if you’re sharing your make in instagram, make sure to tag us @namedclothing and use the hashtag #breakingthepattern together with an individual hashtag with the project name (for example #solinatop), so we can see your make and possibly share it as an inspiration to other sewists, too!

Happy spring and happy sewing!
Laura (and Saara says hi!)
Pattern: Solina top from Breaking the Pattern
Fabric: Rayon Crepe from Eurokangas’ remnant bin


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