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Behind the BTP - Part 1

Our book Breaking the Pattern was released last month! The process of making it took a little over a year of hard work from the two of us, and from many other people involved. That year was quite eventful, and has definitely included lots of funny incidents, both ups and downs. This blog post series will hopefully give you a little peek into that journey!

We started designing the collection in October 2017. The designs came together quite easily, even though this was the first time we made a collection that wasn’t designed around a specific theme, like previous Named collections. It also differed from our regular pattern line in another way – we had decided to make this selection much more modifiable than any of our other collections, with more variations to one pattern (the Ruska-bunch, for example, has five variations), and the possibility to move pattern pieces from one pattern to another.

Of course the book’s collection was also much wider than our normal line, which usually has around ten patterns. Originally we had planned to make 10 patterns with 19 variations for the book, but while sewing the samples, we decided to add one more variation, the top version for the Solina triplet! This brought our collection into a much nicer round number of 20 patterns. The photo above is our first drawn plan for the whole collection, and as you can see, there are only 19 styles and the Solina top is missing (this sketch is actually still taped to the wall of our studio).

Once the patterns were ready, and the samples had been sewn, it was time to have our photoshoot. It took place in the very cold and snowy Helsinki, in the middle of March. All the snow had pretty much melted already when me and Saara were scouting for shooting locations just a few days before the photoshoot, but as soon as the week that our shoot was scheduled for arrived, it started snowing like it’s never snowed before. Fortunately our models Vanessa and Jessica were very weatherproof, as well as the rest of the crew, including our loyal photographer Arto Markkanen and make-up artist Jannica Stelander, and Harriet and Claire from our publisher Quadrille.

The fotoshoot lasted for four busy days, during which we took studio photots, editorial photos outdoors, and technical photos for the sewing skill -sections of the book in our office. Our photoshoots have never been quite as hectic as these four days, but luckily we managed to get everything wrapped up in time! Somehow, we managed to break two mirrors during the process too.

We had brought lots of plants to use as props for the photos, and on one of the studio days Claire – who is behind the beautiful design of the book btw – noticed that the architecture office next to Arto’s studio had some beautiful big plants in their window. So, off we went and asked them if we could borrow the magnificent plants for some studio photos! And they very kindly let us take their precious plants to our shoot. It was quite horrific moving the fragile things into the basement studio, but luckily we succeeded without harming them (we have seen the plants in the architecture studio’s window later and they seem to be feeling quite all right).

Stay tuned for our next post for more behind the scenes stories for Breaking the Pattern!

Laura & Saara



  1. nancy sanoo:

    Congratulations on the book guys!!! I’ve ordered a copy and am excitedly waiting to for the postman to come.
    Thanks so much for letting us have a peek into the whole process. It’s so interesting and inspiring o see the amount of work that goes into the making of a book like yours. Did it take much time out of your daily work routine or was the time scheduled in with extra work days and weekends? Love your designs and can’t wait to start sewing over the holidays!

    1. named sanoo:

      Thank you Nancy! It has been a full-time job for the past year, and we have not worked on any new named collections at the same time. But it has been so much fun, and so refreshing to jump out of our normal daily routine! 🙂 Best, Laura

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