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Behind the BTP - Part 4

Have you ever wondered what and where the places in our book’s photos are? Probably not, but let’s take a tour anyway! When the two of us were just starting to plan our sewing book, we already had an idea about the photo shoot. We thought it would be fun to display the garments somewhere in our hometown of Helsinki, together with our good old team – the fantastic photographer Arto Markkanen, and the Make-up artist Jannica Stelander who we can always count on. We have worked with these two  for a couple of years already, and wanted to have them in this photo shoot yet again, so it made sense taking the photos here where most of the team was.

We looked for locations that have character, but aren’t too dominant. They also had to be quite close to each other in order to make our photo shoot day go quick and smooth! Now that we look back, it’s a bit hard to recall why we selected these exact places. Funnily, they are all quite familiar to us in one way or another, and they are also close to our studio shop in Eastern part of the inner city area of Helsinki.

Our first location was the Isoisänsilta bridge, which is a beautiful new white bridge that connects Sompasaari to the Mustikkamaa island. Our FW16 collection photos were taken on the Mustikkamaa island, just a few months before this bridge was opened! The idea to take photos there was Claire’s, the designer of our book from Quadrille. She had seen a photo of the bridge somewhere in the internet and thought it looked like a beautiful place for a photo session – and we definitely agree!

The second location was right next to Isoisänsilta at Suvilahti. Suvilahti is an old power plant zone that has been turned into a cultural area – for example the Flow music festival is held there every August. One might say that it’s a very hipstery place, and Suvilahti is often spotted starring many photos, fashion and other. In fact our FW15 collection was also partly photographed in Suvilahti!

And it’s no wonder why Suvilahti is such a popular place for holding photo shoots – the location is very unique and picturesque with the monstrous gasometers and the beautiful old electric power plant buildings that date back to the early 20th century. We especially fell in love with the wavy surface of the plaster wall of the Kattilahalli building, as well as the colossal gasometer of course.

Our third location was Konepaja at Vallila, which has originally been owned by the VR concern (a state owned railway company) since 1903, but is now an up and coming neighborhood, and the home of many businesses and people. Also, Konepaja is right across the street from our shop.

Konepaja has originally served as a railway carriage repair station and factory, and the old red brick buildings and pipes bear a lot of history!

The last shooting location was in Itä-Pasila, an area in Helsinki which has been built mostly in the 70’s, and was once considered quite an ugly part of the city, with plenty of concrete and lots of soulless office buildings.

Lately Pasila has had quite the facelift, and it has been colored with the works of many street artists! It is now the place to be for Helsinki street art lovers.

A good example of how fast the concrete walls are being colored by art in Pasila, is this big mural by the Canadian street artist Li-Hill, that wasn’t here six months earlier when we were taking photos of the same wall.

We chose Itä-Pasila for its roughness, which creates a nice contrast to the beautiful and graphic Isoisänsilta, and the nostalgic Suvilahti and Konepaja. All these places together create a nice traditional yet contemporary atmosphere for the book. (Or at least we think so.)

Thank you for reading!
Laura & Saara


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