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Leotie Dress


We have just released an updated version of our Leotie Dress pattern from the Fall/Winter 2014 ’Ritual’ collection! That means, that the Leotie pattern is now available as both a tiled pdf, and a copy-shop file. Both of the pdf files are layered patterns, which you can read more about here.


I’ve made myself a Leotie dress already a couple of years back, and you can see a glimpse of it in this blog post from 2015. The dress has been worn a lot since then, and it’s nowadays one of my favorite garments. I love easy to wear clothes, and this definitely is one! I also have a very low tolerance for discomfort (whenever I’m dressed uncomfortably, I get super cranky), and that’s probably why soft, stretchy garments like this often find their way into my wardrobe, and my heart.


What makes this dress a little different compared to the basic Leotie dress, is that it’s made of a knit fabric, unlike the original dress, which is woven. The knit fabric makes this Leotie a lot more casual and relaxed, while the woven version is a little dressier.

You can often explore patterns with different types of fabrics, and even though the fabric requirements call for a woven, oftentimes a knit fabric might work just as well! And the opposite way around. If you want to experiment with fabrics, just remember that you might need to make some pattern alterations. If you have one of our patterns and would like to go for an unusual fabric choice, but are unsure whether it will work or not, you can always send us a message to info@namedclothing.com, we’ll be very happy to figure it out with you! Also, always be prepared to make a toile first!


What I changed in my Leotie is this: Instead of cutting two of each back pieces (shell, yokes & facings), I cut all of them on fold, since there was no need for a zipper. In order to do this, I had to reduce the seam allowances from all center back edges, which is minus 1 cm on all edges, except for the shell’s CB where you have to reduce 1,5 cm. After doing that, I could just cut all of the pieces on fold.


I also omitted the waist darts altogether. I simply left them unsewn, and narrowed the waist a little from the side seams, but the dress is still a bit looser-fitting at waist than the original dress would be (which I don’t mind, since I like a relaxed fit). I also lengthened the sleeves by a few centimeters, because I think an elbow-length half sleeve is more flattering on me. I might have shortened the pattern by a bit too, since I’m very short, but right now I cannot remember how much I took off exactly…


I omitted the lining completely, as there’s no need for a lining in a dress like this. What I’m sort of missing, are side pockets, though! If I ever made a new version (which I might as well do since I’ve loved the heck out of this one!), I would definitely add some side pockets to sink my hands into.


Now, if you have ordered the PDF Leotie pattern any time earlier, you can get the updated version for free, simply by e-mailing us your order number to: info@namedclothing.com!

And if you don’t have a Leotie yet, you can shop it here, with a 15 % discount, if you use this code at the checkout (valid until the end of this week, 21. – 26.2.2017):


Thanks for reading!

XOXO Laura

Pattern: Leotie Midi Dress
Fabric: Some knit fabric from Eurokangas
Photos: Saara

20.12.2016 - casualwear , Dresses , Finished , Inspiration

Anneli's Talvikki Dress


For two months we had Anneli here working with us, helping with day-to-day tasks at our office. Sadly, now Anneli has already moved on to other things, but while she was here, she made herself this awesome Talvikki dress hack!


For her dress, she simply added a little length to the hem to achieve the knee-length, and omitted the uneven split hem and sewed the side seams all the way down, with an even hemline.


She also added simple in-seam side pockets, which are a handy detail on such a casual, oversized dress!


The result is super cute and relaxed, perfect for the Finnish cold winters! She used a blueberry-colored boiled wool from Eurokangas. The fabric had a little less stretch than required, so she also added an invisible zipper to the back.


Isn’t her Talvikki absolutely amazing?


Today and tomorrow (december 14th & 15th), the Talvikki pdf pattern is only 6 € (from 10), with this code:


Happy sewing!
Saara, Laura & Anneli

Pattern: Talvikki Sweater
Fabric: Boiled wool from Eurokangas
Model: Anneli
Images: Laura


2.12.2016 - Dresses , Scraps , Tips & Tutorials

Inari Collar & Long Sleeve Tutorial

Take a look at the Inari blog post that we released yesterday! You can download the free add-on pattern here, and read the instructions below. Remember also our Inari discount: the pdf pattern is now 10 €, and the discount is valid ONLY today, with this code:


The free add-on pattern includes both the collar, and the long sleeve variation. The collar is ideal to be made in a woven (or well-interfaced knit) fabric, preferably something in the semi light- to medium-weight end. The sleeves are a little more relaxed than the original Inari sleeve, with more ease, so they are perfect for using soft and relaxed fabrics such as sweatshirt jersey.


First, cut out the dress/tee and collar pieces. Cut out 4 collar pieces, and make sure you have 2 for the right collar and 2 for the left. Cut also 2 interfacings for the collar.


Before removing your pattern pieces, snip an additional notch on the front neckline, 1,5 cm apart from the center front – this is the spot where you will match the collar at front. Interface the upper collar pieces, as well as the facings.


Sew the shoulder seams of the dress and it’s facing, as instructed in the Inari instructions. Serge the bottom edge of the facing to neaten it up.


Sew the upper (interfaced) collar pieces to the under ones (un-interfaced). Make 1 or 2 diagonal stitches at the corners, this way they will become sharp. Clip the seam allowances at the corners, and at the curved edges.


Turn the collars right side out and press carefully. Pin them to the neckline, interfaced side up and so that you match the collar to the notches at front (1,5 cm from the CF notch), and to the CB notch at the back neckline.



Pin the facing on top of the collar, right side against the collar and sew through all 4 layers.


Clip the seam allowances around the shoulder seams and at the curves. Press the seam allowances towards the facing and understitch. Press the facing to the wrong side and pin it to the dress/tee. Stitch along the facing edge to fasten it inside the garment. Make sure not to stitch very close to the CF and CB, as the stitches will show on the outside of the garment.


Your collar is ready! Continue to sewing the sleeve: Sew the sleeves to the armholes, right sides together and matching single and double notches. Serge the seam allowances together and press them towards the dress. Serge the sleeve openings.


Serge the raw sleeve and side edges. Sew the sleeve seam and the side seam in one continuous seam, finishing at the vent notch. Press the seam allowances open.


Fold 3 cm to the wrong side at the sleeve openings, press and stitch in place. Sew the vents, bottom edge and sleeve openings as instructed in the Inari instructions.

All done! Our special thanks go to our intern Anneli who sewed this Inari dress <3


Pattern: Inari Tee Dress & Free Inari sleeve & collar add-on
Collar fabric: Poly Crepe de Chine from Spoonflower
Dress fabric: Stretch Bouclé from Eurokangas
Photos: Laura

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