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Fashion Revolution!

”Fashion revolution day will honour the 1133 garment makers who were killed in a single incident in April and call for change so that this can never happen again. Fashion revolution day 24th April 2014 – this annual appointment on the anniversary of the disaster will help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future. Fashion revolution day initiates a process of discovery, raising awareness of the fact that buying is only the last click in a long journey involving hundreds of people: the invisible workforce behind the clothes we wear.”


Following the theme of Fashion Revolution Day, we now ask you Who Made Your Clothes? If you don’t know the answer, think about this: There are millions of people involved in the garment-making industry; either in the fashion industry, or by independent dressmakers and individuals at home as well as students of the various garment-production schools. Some of these people make garments by their own choice, some have no other option of employment.

Entrepreneurs all over the world choose the occupation of garment making, because they enjoy it and receive a fair compensation for their work. Some people do crafts simply for the joy of making!  There are plenty of reasons to sew, knit and do crafts. We often forget about the ethical and ecological reasons, however. On Fashion Revolution Day we challenge you to consider your part as a consumer in the fact that self-made garments are a serious, ethical and ecological option to replace fast fashion.



The official international challenge of Fashion Revolution Day is to wear a piece of clothing inside out, and to share your images in social media – ”with one simple gesture, wearing an item of clothing #insideout, we ask people to question who made your clothes, to imagine the thread from the garment, to the machinists who sewed it, all the way down to the farmer who grew the cotton. ” Remember to post your images to Instagram with #insideout.


On the Fashion Revolution Day, Named and DIY Showroom also challenge you to make ethical and sustainable fashion choices. There are several ways to participate:

1. Make! Making your own garments is an ethical and sustainable way of dressing – on top of that, it’s fun and rewarding! Even if you have never tried before, it might be about time to revolutionize your mindset, in the name of Fashion Revolution. If you are an experienced seamstress, this time pay attention to the materials; the origin, raw materials and quality!

2. Update or fix your old or second-hand clothes to give them a new life! You can get inspiration from DIY Showroom, and remember to share your tips to others! You can post to Instagram using #diyshowroom

3. Become a Pin Pal! Tell your friend about Fashion Revolution and ethical fashion – teach your friend to sew or knit, start a project together or make garments to your friends in exchange for other gestures! We’d like to hear about your projects, so please let us know: info@namedclothing.com

4. Not at all interested in anything craftsy? That’s all right, employ a local dressmaker – You will get a unique, fitting and durable piece of clothing, and give work for a small business. A custom-made garment costs about as much as an equivalent, good-quality garment off the rack. True story.

5. If nothing above engages your attention, buy ready-to-wear garments from small, ethical brands. Find out where and how their clothes are made, and don’t forget to tell everyone about your favorite brand!


Whatever you choose to do, remember to share it! You can participate starting now, and by posting on your own Facebook page, blog, Twitter, Instagram or by organizing your own crafts happening. The most important thing is to spread the word and challenge as many people as possible to consider their fashion choices!

Named and DIY Showroom will organize a series of blog posts from today until the April 24th. Next week, we will have a guest writer The Craft Sessions, so please stay tuned.

On the Fashion Revolution Day April 24th, Named and DIY Showroom will publish a Fashion Revolution moodboard on their blogs – hoping to include your images, tips and ideas about sustainable fashion. Please tell us about your projects: info@namedclothing.com. We would also like to collect a link list of ethical clothing and accessory brands, garment makers and material suppliers all over the world, so if you know any, feel free to report to us!

Thank you for caring!


Photo Credits: Photographer: Keiron O’Connor, Stylist: Stevie Westgarth, Make-up: Jo Frost, Hair: Eliot Bsilla, Models: Remi Black, Eveline at Supa Model Management & Portia at Storm, Clothes; Shirt – Komodo, Jeans – Katharine Hamnett; Shirt – Arthur and Henry, Pullover – From Somewhere, Trousers – People Tree Sunglasses – General eyewear; Corset – Katherine Hamnett, Jeans – Komono – Bag – MAITRI



  1. Josie says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about Fashion Revolution Day! I’ve just bought the Vanamo cocktail dress pattern, and will make sure I know where my fabric comes from. – that way I’ll really know ‘Who made my clothes!’

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