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First First Named

Hello there!

We are happy to see that even though the web shop has been open for only a month, the fastest of you have already had the time and enthusiasm to sew some incredible pieces of clothing, the first ‘First Named’ garments! And thank you so much for sharing the images of these creations with us, we love to see the variety of things that can be made with our patterns, and it seems that we have some very talented and creative friends out there 🙂

We’d like to present here a couple of really nice pieces that pretty much underline the number one reason for sewing your own garments; by creating your own wardrobe you will have a freedom of choice and let your creativity flow! When you have the freedom to pick the pattern, choose the materials and maybe make some modifications, you will end up with something that nobody else has. Like these ladies below:

Here is Jaana from Helsinki, Finland with her brand new Tyler Shirt. The original Tyler has long sleeves, but Jaana has given it a more summery and relaxed look with the short sleeves. We really like this idea of turning the classical shirt into a more casual T-shirt version (and what a great solution if you don’t like sewing cuffs!). You can find another great and personal Tyler style in A Fashionable Stitch. Read also the great review of the pattern!

Liisa from Jyväskylä, Finland took the challenge and made herself the most demanding style of the First Named collection, the Drew Backless Dress. And she really should be skipping happily! (Also, what a beautiful image by Jari Kuskelin.) We like the idea of wearing the translucent dress like a top with only leggings.

Julie from the blog Jolies Bobines has been really fast sewing herself already three new Named styles; Aydan Collarles Dress, Lane Slip and Alva Collar. They are all super great, and we are especially in love with the Alva Collar with different colors on both sides. This is an extremely good idea, and a perfect way to get use of some leftover fabrics!

House of Pinheiro has another nice example of this accessory, and you can find our Jamie Jeans at Very Purple Person! We dare everybody else who placed their orders last month to mail us images of your Alva Collars and other Named garments to info@namedclothing.com.

We hope you got inspired!



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