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(English) Hellos and goodbyes

This year comes with a great deal of updates here at Named! We have been working on updating our patterns, and the first selection of renewed printed and digital patterns will be released next month! The two of us are beyond excited, and here’s why, in a nutshell:

  • The updated selection of printed patterns includes nine patterns in total, and they are:

    Kielo wrap dress & jumpsuit

    Inari dress & crop tee
    Isla trench coat
    Lahja unisex dressing gown
    Olivia wrap dress
    Helmi trench blouse & tunic dress
    Talvikki sweater
    Ninni elastic waist culottes
    Reeta shirt dress
  • These nine patterns will also be available as updated pdf patterns that include a classic tiled print-at-home pattern, as well as an A0-sized copy-shop pattern!
  • All the new printed patterns include a more inclusive size range of 32 to 56!
  • The updated styles come in a beautiful new pattern packaging
  • Two of our best selling patterns, Kielo and Inari are also completely renewed, with some brand new features! <3

    Kielo jumpsuit, to be released in July

Due to these updates, we are saying goodbye to a bunch of old pdf patterns. Most of these styles have been released quite a long time ago, and sadly their pattern format is nowadays a little old-fashioned. In order to keep our selection as high-quality as possible, and to make the transition into the new and updated pattern format smooth, we are retiring the less popular styles.

Discontinued pdf patterns Quinn & Mimosa


You can find all discontinued pdf patterns in the Last-Chance section of our web shop, with a 30% discount! So please, take a final look at the selected patterns, and when shopping, pay attention to the pattern checklist that’s highlighted with red, just so there are no unpleasant surprises. As described above, these patterns don’t include all the luxuries that our newer patterns have.


Lahja dressing gown will soon be available as a printed pattern!


Additionally, to make space for our new awesome pattern packages, all current printed patterns are also sold with a 30% discount! You can see the printed patterns in the Outlet category of our shop.

Happy shopping!
Laura & Saara


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