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New Year, New Pattern!

(… Or at least half a pattern)
Happy 2019! Remember the Anni building block pattern that we released on our 5th birthday last year? And the Wrap Skirt add-on block that was published in October? Now we have yet another add-on pattern for Anni, and it’s a wrap bodice! The Anni Wrap Bodice add-on block will be sold exclusively in our web shop, as of tomorrow the 11th of January 2019!

Technically this new block includes two pattern pieces: a new center front piece and a front facing, which replace the front and front facing patterns of the original Anni pattern to create a brand new wrap neckline. It can be sewn with any Anni bottom variation – jumpsuit, playsuit or skirt, and with a short or a long sleeve, or sleeveless. If you use one of the original Anni bottoms (listed above), the garment will have a zipper fastening in the back, and a faux-wrap front. Or, you can also sew the new wrap bodice to the add-on wrap skirt pattern and make a wrap dress with a tie closure. In that case note that you will still need both the original Anni pattern and the Wrap Skirt add-on, since the Wrap Bodice add-on doesn’t include the back, side and sleeve pieces.

I made an Anni Faux Wrap Jumpsuit to wear for my dear friend Tiia’s wedding last September. I used the jumpsuit bottom with the wrap front, and made my Anni without sleeves. I also added a belt with belt loops, just to emphasize the wrap effect, even though the garment has an invisible zip in the back. I sewed it in this gorgeous light jacquard that we received from a friend Nicoletta – also a pattern designer behind the brand di Nuvole di Cuori – years ago and have been saving for something special. And isn’t the confetti print just the right choice for an event as festive as a wedding? I sure think so! I had just enough of this precious fabric for a jumpsuit, even though I had to make the belt from 3 bits, and the front facings in two parts.

I love the jumpsuit so much, but haven’t been able to wear it even once since the wedding, sadly. It is not quite something that one could wear just for the office or taking out garbage, I will just have to wait for the right occasion. Additionally, I had shoes with a moderate 18-cm heel, so if I wear the jumpsuit with any other footwear, I’m not only considerably shorter, but the jumpsuit legs are also that much too long! (I might have to shorten them later, or alternatively grow longer legs.)

Instead, I have been wearing the heck out of the plaid Anni Jumpsuit sample that we sewed for our photoshoot! The style is not on our site yet, but you can see the samples in our Facebook or on the slideshow of our web site’s front page. In fact, it has been my favorite garment last fall, and has already starred in our new headshots, and in our London book release party! Even though I think jumpsuits are the absolute best thing to wear right now, I’m planning to combine this wrap bodice with the pencil skirt bottom next and create a pinafore-like faux wrap mini dress.

But, what on earth is a building block pattern? Let’s recap quickly! Our Anni has various pieces for different bottoms, necklines and sleeves, so called ”building blocks”, that are all (with a few exceptions) compatible with each other. Most blocks come with the original pattern (PDF only, costs 13 €), and the add-on blocks don’t work alone without it. Having all the blocks means that you get a chance to select details, such as sleeves, necklines and bottoms as you like and create a style that is 100% your own.

The new add on for Anni increases the amount of variations with 9 new styles, and if you top that with the Wrap Skirt add-on, 12 variations! That is 60 variations in total. The new add-on will be available tomorrow!

Happy sewing!


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