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Pastel overdose

Happy 2015! We have a couple of new finished projects from this and last year, that we haven’t shown in the blog yet! Lets start with my new coat – Actually, I made this Yona already some months ago, but we haven’t had the time to shoot it or to write this post until now.


I’ve been waiting for a nicer weather too, so that we could take some nice and sunny ’winter wonderland’ images that would look very cute with the pastel colors. But as usually, the nice weathers come and go too fast and too seldom, so this is as good as it gets. Here you have it: gray, foggy, slippery and sad-looking Helsinki…


And that slippery part I know from my own experience, since a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a whole new type of stitching. Stitching in my knee! Why do they even care to sprinkle that gravel all over the place, when it only seems to be able to tear up your clothes and your skin, but not prevent you from slipping in the first place!? Just wondering. So, I got stitched, which was horrible, but what happened to my only pair of jeans was even more dramatic:


I guess I have to add a pair of jeans to my never-ending to-do, or just patch these up. Anyways, since my knee was kind of out of play for a while, I was forced to skip my workout for two weeks, which made me feel very frustrated and frightened that I’d lose all my strength. But there was a silver lining: when I didn’t go to my usual workouts every evening, I had some time to devote myself to another, long-lost hobby – knitting!


I’m actually not much of a knitter. I can make the basic pair of mittens or socks, a hat or a scarf, but that’s pretty much it. And since I knit only about once a year, it takes some time for me to get used to it after each break, and to get my knitting ’fluent’. Anyways, I needed a beanie and a scarf to suit my new mint green coat (my old combo of red and navy blue just didn’t work anymore), and that’s why I decided to start the knitting project in the first place.


I found this perfect shade of baby pink merino wool yarn at Lankamaailma (that is ”Yarn world” in English, but I think ”Yarn heaven” would be more like it. They have simply any type of yarn in any shade you could ever dream of!).


I didn’t even remember how much fun knitting can be! At first my fingers and wrists were cramping and aching, but they got used to it pretty fast. And I like that I could kind of turn my knitting autopilot on and watch TV while I knitted – that’s not something you can do when you sew!


Anyways, as you can see, my scarf and the beanie are pretty basic, no big deal. Let’s get back to the coat! I used a dirty mint green wool blend for the bodice and an off-white one for the collar and lapels. I lined the coat with my favorite, 100% super slippery viscose satin lining, and made an interlining too (still waiting for those -30° days, though). All fabrics were bought from Eurokangas.


I’m very happy with the result, even though I feel that I’m kind of sticking out from the sea of black and gray winter coats, haha! I LOVE pastels, especially pale pink, but I’m not sure if this combination is kind of an overdose? I don’t want to look as if I were trying to pass as a child to buy cheaper train tickets or something…


Well, I used the size 38 for the coat, without any changes to the pattern, but I made a button closure instead of just a belt. And look how cute button I happened to find! I bought this from Nappitalo (”Button house”, but again I’d suggest changing to ”Button heaven”).


What do you think, too much pastel or not? And last but not least, a sneak peek of the inside of the coat, and a Leotie Dress underneath it – I’ll post more images of this one soon! Or late, but some day, I promise!


Happy sewing everyone!
– Laura (and thanks to Saara for freezing her fingers in order to get these photos!)



  1. Paluuviite: Leotie Dress - Named
  2. Kathryn sanoo:

    What knitting pattern did you use for the hat and scarf? I like them so much I would like to make them too!

    1. named sanoo:

      I had no pattern for these, just made a 10 x 10 cm test piece to determine good circumference for the beanie (and the tip I honestly did and re-did maybe 2 or 3 times to make it look ok :D, I’m not really a knitter) The Scarf is 2 right and 2 wrong, and I just kept going until it was long enough. Sorry I can’t give better instructions, but this is about as much as I can knit :’). For the beanie you can probably find a good pattern for free, it’s a very basic model (maybe the cottage cap here:http://www.eweewe.com/blog/2015/4/7/free-patterns-for-charity-knitting, just a bit longer?) – Laura

  3. Michele sanoo:

    So sorry about having to get stitches, must have been an awful fall. However, your coat is awesome, as are the hat and scarf!!! Color all the way, as far as I’m concerned. No need to wear black and grey–nice to see a pop of color on dreary days!!

  4. Diya sanoo:

    Lovely coat Thank you for writing and uploading about it

  5. Sew4my3 sanoo:

    First of all, I’m sorry to hear you had stitches. Second, these colors are simply divine together and a breath of fresh air from the winter grays, blacks and mundane tones. Personally I enjoy wearing lots of colors and stay open to them all because I feel that I have more versatility that way. Who wants to be locked into a few color choices when the world is full of color to explore?! So…you made a perfect choice on the color!

    1. named sanoo:

      Thank you! I absolutely agree with you – I love to sew and wear colors! Although me and Saara both have a gray herringbone coating in our stash for the next Yona, haha 😀 – Laura

  6. carol sanoo:

    looks great

  7. francesca sanoo:

    Gorgeous and not babyish at all. I wouldn’t call these baby blue and pink anyway – they’re bright pastels, and so much more pleasant to see in grey weather than boring, safe, predictable black and grey!
    Hope your knee has now healed nicely. Don’t worry about your workout, sometimes a break is good for the body, and muscle memory means you will get back on track really fast:)

    1. named sanoo:

      Thank you, my knee is a lot better now! I agree, this color is more like a dark, dirty, muted mint, very hard to describe 🙂 – Laura

  8. Corina Kostreba sanoo:

    I absolutely agree with your choices. I stopped wearing a long charcoal grey coat for a bright teal color with big buttons. I plan on wearing my red fedora.

  9. Maike sanoo:

    Gorgeous color (of the coat)! And I think the colors look wonderful together, although I wouldn’t wear any pale pink, it’s just not me, haha.

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