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Agate, refashioned

Agate, refashioned

We are more than delighted to be a part of this year’s Refashioners, not only as sponsors but also as bloggers! If you’re not familiar with the concept yet, you can read more about the Refashioners on this web page. The theme (suits!) is also absolutely thrilling this time around! Unfortunately suits, like so many fashion items that we consider timeless classics, are actually often very trend-sensitive (compare the 80’s loose-fitting, mega-shoulder-padded-double-breasted suit to today’s slick and slim-fit suit and you’ll get the point), and to see all that quality fabric go to waist unused at a flea market is such a pity. So upcycling some old suits into something new is not only an inspiring, but also a smart idea.

Agate, refashioned

Well, we begun our trip to the refashioning by touring some local flea markets in Helsinki, since we didn’t have any old suits of our own at hand. Finding used suits at any thrift shop was an easy task, but finding ones with a nice quality, non-stained and completely worn out fabric was a bit harder! Eventually we found a suitable two-piece pinstripe suit, and a separate pair of trousers to match, both in classic gray.

Agate, refashioned

We unpicked the seams of both of the pants, and there was pretty much nothing left of them after we had cut out all of our pieces. From the jacket we only used the sleeves and part of the back, which was a pity since now we have a front of a suit left with no idea what to do with it! A matching hat maybe?

Agate, refashioned

For the pattern we chose the Agate dress from our new collection, since it already has quite small and slim pattern pieces that would be easy to cut out of the legs of the pants. The pattern still required some chopping in order to be cut out of such small pieces, so we slashed the side pieces at the waist, and the front and back pieces diagonally a bit above the waist. Eventually the cut turned out very nice, and playing with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal pinstripes was a lot of fun!

Agate, refashioned

We also took the original buttons from the coat, and used them at the back of the dress (not the most handy closure for a close-fitting garment, but looks pretty and matches well with the vintagy look of the dress!)

Agate, refashioned

The only thing we had to buy new, was the invisible zipper for the vent, and the interfacings.
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Agate, refashioned

Happy refashioning!
Saara & Laura from Named

Pattern: Agate Pencil Dress
Fabric: Used suits (wool-mix?) from Fida
Modeling: Saara
Photos: Laura



  1. Care Combey says:

    Lovely! Quite a 1930s feel with the cut on the grain, but place on the bias bust. And the thrifty use of materials and striping also feel quite 1930s to me. Which makes me love it more!

    1. named says:

      Yes, it really has a vintagy look which is very nice 🙂

  2. CD says:

    What about a waistcoat from the front panels of suit jacket and the lining? The refashioned dress is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    1. named says:

      That does sound like a good idea, thank you! 😀

  3. Ann says:

    Lovely! The whole thing works very well, and I love the strategic use of the stripes.

    Along with the cleverness of the dress itself, the tights and boots really make that outfit. You’ve styled this ensemble really well.

    Can you tell me the name and brand of those boots?

    Thank you!

    1. named says:

      Thank you! This was a really fun project with the stripes and all! 🙂

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