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Breaking the Pattern Book Launch Party

Our book Breaking the Pattern (see it HERE!) was finally released just a week ago, and we couldn’t be more happy and proud of it! To celebrate the publication day, we organized a little launch party at our office in Helsinki. We are so happy and grateful that many people came to say hello to us and to see the book, and our little office was quite packed with friends, collaborators and people from the Finnish sewing and crafting scene!

Some of our party-people were already wearing their freshly-made garments that had been sewn using the patterns in the book. One of them was Katja of the With My Hands – Dream blog in her awesome Ruska dress! Take a peek at her graphic dress in instagram. The bodice fabric was a small scrap find from Eurokangas, so she didn’t have enough fabric for the sleeves – which is great since the tweed-looking sleeves (that are actually knit fabric) make a great contrast for the black-and white dress!

Some were wearing other Named classics, and one of them was Essi in her velvety Gemma & Ninni combo! Her fabric was also a scrap from Eurokangas (Eurokangas remnant bins are known to be quite legendary here in Finland). Do pay a visit to Essi’s IG as well. Of course other me-made garments were spotted too, and if our London book launch earlier this month was all about animal prints, this one in Helsinki was blooming with floral prints!

We were happy to serve a vegan snack menu sponsored by Fiksuruoka.fi. If you haven’t heard of them before, Fiksuruoka is a grocery web shop that sells groceries and supplies that are for some reason otherwise going to waste. Basically items that are close to expiration date, or that have packaging that is being renewed.

Fiksuruoka’s mission is to save all that edible food from going to rubbish bins and instead sell it at a discounted price, which is pretty smart (translated into English, ’Fiksuruoka’ actually means ’smart food’) and earth-conscious! That is also why we at Named wanted to have our party menu from Fiksuruoka, we see that their philosophy matches quite well with our own. From them we received a generous delivery of crackers, salty corn treats, chocolates, toffee and lemonade together with non-alcoholic sparkling wine, all vegan and all super delicious.

Thank you everyone who attended our party and for all of you who have already got – or are planning to get – our book!

Kisses and hugs,
Authors Laura & Saara Huhta



  1. Carla Vorbeck says:

    Awesome couple. I have ordered the book from Amazon US and it should arrive to Ecuador before Jan 8. I can´t wait! Congratulations…

    1. named says:

      Thank you Carla <3

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