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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… party!

Holidays are coming, I’m so psyched! Call me childish or sentimental, but I just love Christmas. And not only the Christmas day, but the month (or two) before it. In fact, that’s the best part of the holidays, the build-up. That magical feeling of the holiday season is just so relaxing and nostalgic! Listening to holiday classics at work, sipping some hot glögi (a spiced wine-ish drink)… Even though I’m pretty sure that being this relaxed might make me slightly less efficient at work (but I’m my own boss so it’s not like someone is complaining).

If I had to mention one thing I dislike about Christmas, I’d say that I hate that people get so stressed over it. People, please don’t stress, it’s not worth it!


Christmas time is also interesting fashion-wise, especially when you think of self-made fashion. It’s the season of parties, which give you a fantastic excuse to dress up! And when I say dress up, I mean you can really bring your a-game! For a Christmas party you can always dress a bit more specially than for any other occasion – you can definitely wear a little more bling bling, don’t you agree?

Which brings us to the other love of my life – fabric shopping. I don’t do much shopping other than for fabrics. I don’t even follow fashion very intensively. I never buy Vogue. I don’t care that much, and I don’t think I have to. But for me, circling the fabric stores is probably the biggest source of fashion inspiration, and when I do so, a million design ideas pop into my head at once and I feel an urge to complete them all! Which I always fail to do, but a girl can daydream, right?

At the moment the stores are full of brilliant, festive fabrics, they are literally bursting at the seams! So it’s a fantastic time for someone like me who is looking to get inspired. And a kind of difficult time to walk out of a store empty-handed.


I’m seizing the opportunity and planning to make a gorgeous new Christmas party outfit for myself. For starters, I collected some inspiration by going to Eurokangas, Tammisto, to see what this season has to offer for a fabric-enthusiast. Here are my picks:

Gold & Glitter

I know, it’s a pretty obvious color choice for a christmas party look, but I had to bring it up anyways! I did find some gorgeous gold embellished fabrics, for example this brocade that I could see as a Vanamo Skirt, dressed down with a more casual top, like a fluffy white or pastel sweater.


Then there was this gold and navy blue fabric that I considered for a Leotie Dress, with a black or navy top yoke maybe?


Here’s a Balenciaga silk that I’ve actually sewed before (with desastrous results, I can come back to that some time).


I would love to combine a golden Vanamo Top with a soft pastel skirt, like Leotie or Lumme in this floral Armani fabric (I just love the combination of gold and pastel pink).



How do you feel about animal prints? To my surprise, I have recently found out that I kind of like them! And I’m convinced that an animal print can look very classy and tasteful, too. Like one of these as a Tyler Shirt, with a solid blue, white or gray fabric for the raglan sleeves and collar, and additional chest pockets for a more casual look. Matched with a pair of black skinny pants or a mini skirt.


This snake print chiffon I’ve beed drooling over for some time already. I would make a Kanerva Peplum Blouse of it and wear it with a classy pencil skirt.


Black & White

Speaking of classy pencil skirts, the Shadi Skirt would be a good backup plan, in case I have to postpone my costume-making to the last minute. In that case I’d pick a more luxurious knit like this one:


Let’s not forget pants! As long as they are fancy enough, like Apila Trousers made of this geometric, double-sided fabric would be…


Combined with a Kanerva Top made of this gorgeous embroidered organza:


What do you think? What would be your favorite party outfit tips? And do you have any self-made party outfits in mind or finished already?

Have fantastic and most of all relaxing time waiting for Christmas!




  1. Mag says:

    where can I buy the navy and gold fabric please its just what I’m looking for? also the gold fabric?

    1. named says:

      Hi Mag! All the fabrics in this post were from a local fabric shop here in Finland, called Eurokangas (http://www.eurokangas.fi/eurokangas-eng). Unfortunately they don’t have a web shop yet 🙁
      Kind regards, Laura

  2. Kristel says:

    I really enjoyed ready this post! You should do this more often, or at least for every collection. It really works as an inspiration! I have a huge fabric stash but when it come down to choosing the right fabric for a pattern I often loose my head and go straight for my heart which has led to disappontment in the past. I helps a lot to see the different fabric choices as offered by the pattern designers themselves!

  3. Ellen says:

    Wow. Where is this fabric store?

    1. named says:

      This shop is in Helsinki, and they have other shops in Finland, AND rumor has it that they are opening a web shop, which would be fantastic! 😀

  4. Anna says:

    I just LOVE this kind of blog posts! Such an inspiration!

  5. Maike says:

    The floral Armani fabric and the golden one would be perfect!

    If I had all those lovely fabric choices , I would finally make an Andy Coat to go to my relatives on christmas, but I didn’t find a special fabric yet. 🙁

  6. Chloe says:

    Gah! What fantastic fabric! For the traditional ‘Christmas lunch’ in Denmark I am making a very simple and classic spaghetti strap dress in cotton sateen, but I would love to make your beautiful two-piece set in black brocade for New Years, if I have the time!

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