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Kielo Wrap Dress


Kielo Dress is one of the most popular dress patterns in our selection, maybe because it’s so simple and quick to make, but it also has an interesting and very special shape. This is why it’s such a shame that it can really only be worn in the summer! As a sleeveless style Kielo is quite impossible to wear when the weather gets colder, and because of the peculiar shape, it’s kind of hard to combine with a cardigan or a jacket. This is probably why we have been asked for a sleeve pattern for this style quite a lot. Which is a great idea, so here you go!


You can now download a free sleeve pattern for the Kielo Dress in our web shop. You can order the sleeve simply by adding the pattern to the shopping basket, and by following the same purchase process as when ordering any regular pattern. But note that even though you’ll have to go to the checkout and give your billing information, you will not be charged for the pattern.


The sleeve pattern sheet includes the Kielo sleeve pattern in sizes EUR32 – 46 (US0 – 18 & UK4 – 22), and a front and back armhole pattern, which you can trace onto the original front and back pieces of the Kielo pattern to make the sleeve fit right.


We are also trying a new pattern format: a layered pattern. This means that all sizes are in the same file, nested on top of each other, but you can choose to print only one or two (or three, or as many as you need) of the sizes. We will publish another blog post tomorrow, with a tutorial on how to use a layered pattern, and a quick how-to for tracing the armhole onto your Kielo pattern, and for sewing the sleeve.


The sleeve pattern does not include an instructions file, so all the instructions can be found in the blog post tomorrow. Note also, that the pattern has been tested only in size 38. The pattern should work very well in all sizes, but we very strongly advice making a toile before starting with your actual fabric, just to make sure the sleeve fits ok for you. If you find anything odd in the pattern or in the fit, please let us know! We would also love to hear your comments regarding the layered pattern, whether you think it’s easy and handy to use or if there’s something to improve. It would be lovely if you could write your comments here in the blog, or send us a mail to info@namedclothing.com!


One more thing about the sleeve: the pattern is very snug, and it’s meant to be sewn from a knit fabric (choose something with approximately 50% stretch). Saara used a firm single knit organic cotton jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastan) for her graphic Kielo dress. This fabric is from Nosh Organics , and it is quite perfect for Kielo, because it has such a nice, stiffish structure that gives the dress a beautiful origami-like shape. A lighter knit fabric works just as well, giving the dress a more draped and soft look.


Saara also shortened her Kielo until just below her knees, and narrowed the skirt a bit at the hemline and hips. She finished the neckline with a facing.


(By the way, having the dogs over for daycare and trying to shoot blog post images at the same time turned out to be a bit more challenging than we thought, and all the images were photobombed by two curious Jackrussells. Thanks a lot Aida and Kusti!)


If you don’t already have a Kielo pattern to add the sleeves to, you can order it from our web shop with a 15% discount! Just use the below code at the checkout:


The discount applies to both pdf and printed Kielo patterns, and it is only valid for two days, Sunday & Monday 1st and 2nd of November! Remember to check the blog post tomorrow for instructions on how to use the add-on pattern!


Saara & Laura


Patterns: Kielo Wrap Dress & Kielo Wrap Dress Sleeve

Fabric: Nosh Organics

Models: Saara, Aida & Kusti

Photos: Laura



  1. buy henleys online says:

    Thanks for sharing this post….

  2. angelika says:

    I bought the Kielo PDF Pattern, read the Printing instructions, open it with the Acrobat Reader DC and print it with with a new Samsung C48 Laserprinter. To arrange and glue the sheets together is very difficult. Some sheets don`t match, especially the numers 4,13,18,20,23,29. Some lines don´t come together, i think there is missing something from the lenght of the line .This ist not my first PDF-Pattern, but this one makes me really not lucky.

    1. named says:

      Hi Angelika, Thanks for your comment and sorry that there’s been issues with the pattern! Did you remember to have the TEXT layer active when you printed? The frame is on the text layer, which helps in cutting out the margins and matching the pieces. Did you print on A4 or another pattern size? And did you remember to print in ‘Actual size’, so the printer doesn’t scale the sheets? The file itself should be all right, so there might be some problems with the printer settings or the printer. If you want, you can also measure the frames on each page (some printers might still scale the content even though the settings are correct). The measurements should be 190 mm on top and bottom, and 259.4 mm on both sides. Please let me know if none of this solves the issue! You can also mail me to info@namedclothing.com 🙂 All the best, Laura

      1. angelika says:

        Thanks for your Answer.Yes, i used the text layer, i printed on DIN A4 and choosed `actual size`, the measure of the 10 cm square matched. Finially, i finished the Pattern, but i have to try many times, how come the sheets together. I hope the pattern is now vaguely right. Next time, i sew a sample of the Kielo Dress Pattern.

        1. Angelika says:

          The sample looks bad, the pattern doesn´t work. I´ll send you a e-mail.

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  4. dawna.mercer says:

    Hi, Sara and Laura.
    Just sent you a email regarding not being able to download the instructions for the Kiely Wrap Dress order #13747. As said can pull it up off email. Have a PC and use both reader and acrobat.
    Thanks again, looking forward in sewing the dress.

    1. named says:

      Hi Dawna! I’ve just sent you the instructions, please let me know if there are any problems with the attachment! 🙂 – Laura

  5. Shelley says:

    Hi I want to order this – can I get it pre printed?

    1. named says:

      Hi Shelley! You can order a printed copy in our web shop here: http://www.namedclothing.com/shop/kielo-wrap-dress/ just choose the ‘Printed Pattern’ from the ‘Pattern type and language’ drop down menu below the price.

      Also check out our retailers here: http://www.namedclothing.com/retailers/ in case there’s a retailer closer to you (so you can save in shipping costs). 🙂 – Laura

  6. glenda richey says:

    help! i bought the wrap dress but used up the 3 downloads trying to print it – i figured out that i was using an old adobe and was able to print the free sleeve- what can i do? i need one more chance!

    1. named says:

      No worries Glenda! I have just re-sent you the order with some extra download times. Let me know if you continue to have any problems with the links 🙂 – Laura

  7. Frances says:

    Hi, would these sleeves also work for the Inari T-Dress? I’m always so disappointed when I have to put a cardigan over it because you can’t see the shape anymore, so long sleeves would be great.

    1. named says:

      Hi Frances! Unfortunately this sleeve doesn’t suit for the Inari Dress, but lengthening the Inari sleeves is actually quite simple: Just continue the sides of the sleeve pattern by approximately 55 cm (depending on how long sleeves you want). At this point the sleeve will be very tapered and narrow at the wrist: measure how tight you’d like the sleeve to be at the sleeve opening, and add the desired ease equally to both sides of the sleeve pattern. If you want clearer instructions or illustrations, send us a mail to info@namedclothing.com, I can send you some pictures 🙂 Also note, that the sleeve won’t be quite as fitted as this Kielo sleeve. If you’d like to make the sleeve more fitted, you’ll have to make some alterations to the armhole as well. But if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to mail me! – Laura

  8. Charlotte says:

    i can’t acces the layers HELP!

    1. named says:

      Oh no! Can you send us a message to info@namedclothing.com? Can you please write in the e-mail which software you are using for opening and printing the file (Reader, Acrobat or something else?), and whether you have a PC or a Mac? I’m sure we’ll get this sorted out! 🙂 – Laura

  9. Annett says:

    Ah! Awesome news about the layered pdf patterns! That’s what always bugged me the most about your patterns and I think I mentioned that in the tester’s review this summer as well. You communicate so well and it is a nice feeling to see that you really care about feedback! 🙂

    1. named says:

      That’s perfect, we’re so glad to hear this! There were actually a couple of people that recommended the layered patterns in the latest test round, and I have to agree it’s very nifty! Unfortunately for the FW15 it was too late to make such a big change at that point, but if this seems to work well, SS16 will probably have a whole new layout! So thanks so much for suggesting it! 🙂 – Laura

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