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Leotie Dress


We have just released an updated version of our Leotie Dress pattern from the Fall/Winter 2014 ’Ritual’ collection! That means, that the Leotie pattern is now available as both a tiled pdf, and a copy-shop file. Both of the pdf files are layered patterns, which you can read more about here.


I’ve made myself a Leotie dress already a couple of years back, and you can see a glimpse of it in this blog post from 2015. The dress has been worn a lot since then, and it’s nowadays one of my favorite garments. I love easy to wear clothes, and this definitely is one! I also have a very low tolerance for discomfort (whenever I’m dressed uncomfortably, I get super cranky), and that’s probably why soft, stretchy garments like this often find their way into my wardrobe, and my heart.


What makes this dress a little different compared to the basic Leotie dress, is that it’s made of a knit fabric, unlike the original dress, which is woven. The knit fabric makes this Leotie a lot more casual and relaxed, while the woven version is a little dressier.

You can often explore patterns with different types of fabrics, and even though the fabric requirements call for a woven, oftentimes a knit fabric might work just as well! And the opposite way around. If you want to experiment with fabrics, just remember that you might need to make some pattern alterations. If you have one of our patterns and would like to go for an unusual fabric choice, but are unsure whether it will work or not, you can always send us a message to info@namedclothing.com, we’ll be very happy to figure it out with you! Also, always be prepared to make a toile first!


What I changed in my Leotie is this: Instead of cutting two of each back pieces (shell, yokes & facings), I cut all of them on fold, since there was no need for a zipper. In order to do this, I had to reduce the seam allowances from all center back edges, which is minus 1 cm on all edges, except for the shell’s CB where you have to reduce 1,5 cm. After doing that, I could just cut all of the pieces on fold.


I also omitted the waist darts altogether. I simply left them unsewn, and narrowed the waist a little from the side seams, but the dress is still a bit looser-fitting at waist than the original dress would be (which I don’t mind, since I like a relaxed fit). I also lengthened the sleeves by a few centimeters, because I think an elbow-length half sleeve is more flattering on me. I might have shortened the pattern by a bit too, since I’m very short, but right now I cannot remember how much I took off exactly…


I omitted the lining completely, as there’s no need for a lining in a dress like this. What I’m sort of missing, are side pockets, though! If I ever made a new version (which I might as well do since I’ve loved the heck out of this one!), I would definitely add some side pockets to sink my hands into.


Now, if you have ordered the PDF Leotie pattern any time earlier, you can get the updated version for free, simply by e-mailing us your order number to: info@namedclothing.com!

And if you don’t have a Leotie yet, you can shop it here, with a 15 % discount, if you use this code at the checkout (valid until the end of this week, 21. – 26.2.2017):


Thanks for reading!

XOXO Laura

Pattern: Leotie Midi Dress
Fabric: Some knit fabric from Eurokangas
Photos: Saara



  1. Gill Coates sanoo:

    Hi. I’ve recently discovered your patterns and have just finished making a Maisa jacket in raspberry denim and a Quinn shirt in contrast cottons (I used a different print for the yoke, cuffs and collar.) Having been dressmaking on and off for years, I wanted to get in touch to say how much I enjoyed working with your patterns. The pattern markings are mercifully few (I get so bored marking hundreds of notches and tailor tacks on other patterns that I never seem to need), the instructions are really clear and the packaging and presentation is lovely (the ittle instruction books are so much nicer to work with than a giant floppy sheet of paper). I shall be buying more as I already have my eye on one of your dresses and I will also be making both Maisa and Quinn again.

    1. named sanoo:

      Hi Gill, and thank you so much for your comment! That is so sweet <3 WE are very happy and delighted to hear that you found working with our patterns easy and enjoyable, that's the best compliment we could hope for 🙂 Many thanks, and happy sewing! Laura & Saara

  2. Petra sanoo:

    Onko tämä päivitetty trikooversio samassa Leotie midi dress kaavassa?

    1. named sanoo:

      Heippa Petra! Tuo kaava ei varsinaisesti sisällä tätä trikooversiota, mutta sen pystyy hyvin helposti muokkaamaan trikoiseksi! Ainoat muutokset, jotka tein oli, että jätin vyötärömuotolaskokset ompelematta ja leikkasin kaikki takakappaleet taitteelta (ilman vetoketjua). Pidensin myös hihaa muutaman senttimetrin ja jätin vuorin luonnollisesti pois 🙂 Jos haluat tarkempia ohjeita noihin muutoksiin niin laita ihmeessä viestiä, auttelen mielelläni! – Laura

  3. minjory sanoo:

    Hei! Onko Leotie- mekon kaavaa saatavana paperikaavana? Olin jo tilaamassa kunnes huomasin että vaihtoehtona oli vain pdf-kaava.

    1. named sanoo:

      Heippa! Valitettavasti Leotie-kaava on saatavana vain paperikaavana, mutta tuo uusi pdf-tiedosto sisältää myös suurkuvatulostetiedoston. Suurkuvatuloste on leveydeltään A0, ja pituudeltaan vaihteleva, mutta sen voi siis lähettää tulostettavaksi kopiointiliikkeeseen joko rullaprintterillä, tai A0-printterillä 🙂 Terveisin, Laura

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