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Missing the FW13 patterns?

Dear everyone! After launching our new collection we have received quite a lot of worried e-mails regarding the old patterns. So, here’s what’s happening: Since we have made some corrections to the SS14 patterns (for example the paper size – the SS14 patterns are now suitable for both A4 and the Letter sized paper), we wanted to take the old patterns off the shop for a while, to be able to make the same changes to them. This way we will have a more consistent selection of patterns.

Re-shaping the FW13 patterns and instructions will take some time, but don’t worry – most of the old patterns will make a comeback eventually! There have been especially many requests for the Jamie Jeans pattern, so we are trying to speed things up a little bit to be able to put the Jamie back in our shop as soon as we can!




We hope you will have a little patience with this matter <3

Thank you!

Laura & Saara



  1. Yasmin McGrane sanoo:


    I have liked the Drew dress and Julian form First Named, will the patterns for this be available in the near future. Thanks

    1. named sanoo:

      Hello! Unfortunately these patterns will most likely not be re-released, at least not very soon :*( Best, Laura

  2. Jenny sanoo:

    I’m really excited to start making some of the SS14 things I’ve found. Recently I was browsing through your site and had a look at the lookbooks – I’m looking forward to the AW13 coat patterns and the knit maxi dress reappearing, as and when (although hoping I won’t need them for a while and that the English spring will be along… eventually…?).

    Thank you so much for creating such beautiful things and for trying so hard to provide such a great experience to your customers – keep up the good work!

  3. Dita sanoo:

    I’m waiting for your flare pants pattern from your first collection (forgot the name) – will it be uploaded anytime sooner?

    1. named sanoo:

      Hi Dita! The Cameron Flare Pants pattern will be released again this spring. I would estimate that it will be back in the store within a month. Sorry that you will have to wait!

  4. adeline sanoo:

    The same for me : I discovered Named on the end of 2013, planning to buy lane slip dress and… no more!
    So, another request : lane slip!
    Thank you.

  5. Amanda sanoo:

    Thank you, thank you so much for posting this! I only recently found out about you and fell in love with so many of your patterns! I haven’t had a chance to purchase any of the FW13 patterns I loved so I am definitely excited to hear they are not gone forever, and look forward to getting a bunch of them once they are re-released 🙂 You guys are awesome! 🙂

  6. elle sanoo:

    Thank you SO MUCH for making the new pattern adaptations available to customers who bought the previous versions of the FW13 patterns. Such great customer service! 🙂

  7. Janet sanoo:

    I’ve just found your website. I love your designs and am looking forward to making my first top

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