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New Features in SS14 patterns!

Referring to our last blog post, there really are some changes and improvements in the new patterns versus the old ones. And even though the old FW13 styles are very lovely and we know that some of you are missing them, there are some changes we would like to make before they are put back on the shelves. Here is a list of the changes/new features in the SS14 patterns:

  • The paper size, of course! The new patterns have wider margins, so they are suitable for the letter sized paper, as well as for the A4
  • Illustrated sewing instructions! All instructions are now illustrated – 174 technical drawings altogether!


Patch Pocket With Pleat


  • Finished measurements Chart – We have included finished measurements for all sizes, to make it easier for you to choose your size
  • Sizes 32 and 46 – ( US0/UK4 and US14/UK18) Two new sizes, eight sizes in total!
  • Fabric consumption Chart – Each pattern comes with a chart that has fabric consumption calculations for 150 cm/60″ and 115 cm/45″ wide fabrics, in all eight sizes
  • All sizes with one order –  From now on, you won’t have to choose a size before you place your order – Our new web shop platform makes it possible for you to receive all sizes with your order. Soon after your payment has been processed, you will receive an email, from which you can download all sizes of the product you have chosen. Note that if you don’t receive your patterns, check your junkmail first!
  • Basic instructions & Vocabulary-section in the instructions. There is now a whole page of how-to instructions for example for finishing edges, making center front and center back notches, matching pieces correctly, and other basic information that will help you make your garment as good as possible.

Also our website has gone through some minor changes, and due to our switch of platform, we have lost our old customer accounts. We are very sorry about this, but fortunately you will be able to create a new account very easily.

Hopefully you will find all the changes handy. And, if you have already tried one of our new patterns, please let us know what you think! We continue to be happy to receive feedback and further improvement ideas here in our blog, or in our mail: info@namedclothing.com

Happy sewing!

Saara & Laura



  1. Léa sanoo:

    Your new collection is stunning! As Kristy said, it would be of great help to see the required fabric for each pattern. Thank you anyway!

    1. named sanoo:

      Hi Léa! We are actually currently working on this, and planning the best possible way to put all this information to each product card. Right now all patterns come with a fabric consumption chart for all sizes, but I agree that it would be helpful to see the consumption also before purchasing the pattern.

  2. Kirsty sanoo:

    I would find it useful to see the fabric requirements on the website, often I already have a piece of fabric that I want to find a pattern for, so it is important to me to see if it will be enough.

  3. julie sanoo:

    Your patterns are smart and beautiful. I would love to make almost all of them. I have made the dakota dress, the fran tie shirt, the laurie T and have the cameron pants in my queue. I REALLY love the new selection, though, and plan on getting about 4 of them for spring. Thank you for adding value through the changes you describe here. I appreciate your working to improve the product.

  4. Chloe sanoo:

    Love the new changes – but please, would love to see more specific fabric suggestions on the website, as well as the amount of fabric required – this really affects those ’spur of the moment’ purchases for fabric that one might have in their stash.

  5. Irene sanoo:

    This is a great response to customer concerns! Thank you!

  6. Jennifer sanoo:

    I’m so happy that you’ve been responsive to comments the changes are all much appreciated and the patterns look beautiful!

    I no longer see your size chart on the website, it used to be linked from each pattern page. It’s not necessary to pick a size before purchasing but still some may need to check that they are not outside the range or may want to know how well they match your sizing before ordering.

  7. cathy sanoo:

    I really love and appreciate all these new changes. Thank you!

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