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The one-hour-and-twenty-minutes skirt

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection is on the way, and it’s keeping us very busy. This might sound exaggerated, but creating a pattern collection is a six-month-job, day and night (ok, it was exaggerated, we do sleep too). Sometimes it feels like there’s just no time for anything else, not even sewing something just for fun. And it’s ridiculous that even though sewing is our bread and butter, we rarely have time to actually sew (other than the samples)! I guess that’s the disadvantage of turning a hobby into a job.


Despite all the hurry, we had a craving for sewing something for ourselves. But what can you sew when you have no time at all? A simple skirt like Shadi! Seriously, this is as easy as a skirt gets! As promised in the title, sewing the Sadi skirt took exactly one hour and twenty minutes. And I mean, in that time you will cut, press, sew, hem, insert the elastic and just finish the whole thing! This skirt has only 4 seams, a hem and an elastic at the waist. It’s probably the simplest thing in our whole selection of patterns, a perfect make for anyone with a tight schedule. And Shadi is also a very wearable garment that you can just pull on and match with whatever you want. It’s literally easy in any way you think of it!


Both of us made almost the same skirt, except that Saara shortened it by 9,5 cm to make a mini skirt, and I added 3 cm to get a midi length. This is the size EUR38, and the fabric is a geometric ponte knit from Norteva & Vuorento, one of our retailers in Helsinki.


Besides sewing, I’m having a hard time finding time for something else too: blogging. It’s very, very time-consuming. And even though we’d love to blog a lot more (and have promised to do so), right now I can’t bring myself to write the simplest post, let alone shoot and edit all the images (and let’s not forget making the garment to blog about)! It seems so effortless when I go through all the sewing blogs, but it’s not. How on earth do you bloggers have the time, please tell me!


I’ve also run into some trouble with the technical issues and the blog settings. For example, I cannot comment on a comment, and neither can anyone else (I can only leave a comment on the top like any regular visitor). It’s a huge minus for a blog that’s supposed to be “social”! But all this is going to be fixed, hopefully soon.


I’d like to thank everyone for commenting on my latest Mai blog post! It’s all been read through carefully, and the giveaway winners have all received their patterns. I’ve made a list of the themes that were most popular according to your comments, and we will plan the content accordingly!

Since Shadi has been the star of this post, it’s only fair to give our fellow busy seamstresses a chance to try the pattern with a discounted price! With below code you will get a 15% discount on the Shadi pattern, pdf or printed. The code will be valid until next Friday (November 7th):


See you soon!

Laura (& Saara)




  1. Jennifer says:

    Both skirts look great, I’m contemplating lengthening. I’ve always wanted a knit skirt that length and I have a fabric. I’m embaressed I didn’t think of using the Shadi.

  2. Susan Terrill says:

    My friends and I love this skirt. I will order another pattern incase I ware this one out!!! It amazes me that it fits so many figures.


  3. Mari says:

    Love the blog and your patterns! You guys are so talented. I just received this email today with the posted blogs. Are we behind over here in Ohio, U.S.??

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