Syli dress rescue kit


Sizes: XS - XXL | Size chart

This kit includes all the essentials for making your own rescue Syli dress: the Syli dress & blouse printed pattern, the rescue melange cotton blend fabric, and a rescue tag! Just add thread.

The kit is available in two fabric colors, the blue Sini or the red Roosa, and in two fabric quantities. Please scroll down to the fabric requirements chart to see how much fabric you need for your size, or see the list below:

KIT A: 320 cm (3 1/2 yd) fabric (sizes XS - M)
KIT B: 390 cm (4 1/4 yd) fabric (sizes L - XXL)

The Syli dress and the rescue fabric make a perfect match. Rescue textile® is one of the most ecological fabric choices in the market. It is textile industry’s surplus, in other words: waste. Rescue fabric is a resource-wise choice, since it is clean and unused material that might have otherwise ended up being burned. It is un-processed and therefore more energy efficient than recycled fibers.

See our free Syli video sewalong.