Olivia Wrap Dress



Sizes: EUR 32 – 56 (US 0 – 24 / UK 4 – 28)

The Olivia wrap dress is a delightfully easy-to-wear and versatile classic piece that is suited for both work and leisure. The interfacing around the neckline ensures that the neckline stays neatly in place without exposing too much. The tulip shape skirt has pleats at the front waist to add ease, and there are practical pockets sewn in the side seams. The elastic waist is tied around with a wide belt.

Choose a light weight or medium weight drapey jersey. We recommend using a high-quality, firm jersey that holds its shape well. Make sure to use interfacing that has stretch in it.

Materials & Supplies:

  • Fusible knit interfacing, 150 cm (1 5/8 yd)
  • Stay tape, 45 cm (18”)
  • 5 mm (¼”) elastic, your waist circumference x 1.5

Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

Pattern properties:
PDF patterns are layered
All seam allowances are included

Printed pattern: 2 large-scale pattern sheets & instructions booklet 
Print-at-home PDF pattern:
66 home printer pages

Copy-shop PDF pattern: 3 A0 sheets

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