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The Neckwear Collection

It’s finally here: December! We can’t say that we have been waiting for it impatiently, actually it seems pretty impossible that Christmas is right around the corner again. To celebrate this, we have launched a Christmas calendar campaign at our Facebook page, where we will be posting Christmas tips and discounts each day! And sorry for all the Christmas fuss, we know everybody does not celebrate Christmas, but hopefully they can enjoy this campaign nevertheless.

At this date, we have launched a brand new mini-collection of accessories for men, and why not for women, too – The Neckwear Collection, including a regular and a narrow tie, and a trendy bow tie. This collection will be sold ONLY during our Christmas calendar campaign, December 1st to 25th, at a very reasonable price of 6 euros!

We girls made ourselves Ties…

We wouldn’t like anyone to get all Christmas crazy and join the consumption hysteria, so we are reminding everyone that a self-made gift is not only a more ethical and ecological option, but it also tells that you really care about the one that will be receiving it! The tie and bow tie can easily be made of recycled materials or scrap. They’re also very personal, as you can choose almost any material for these accessories, for example flannel, wool, Strong jersey, cotton lawn and why not leather or lace?

The tie was originally designed for DIY Showroom’s ‘Fix You Fashion’ workshop, as a quick and simple DIY-thing to make. DIY Showroom is, in a nutshell, a collective of self-making inspired bloggers, journalists and designers, and it has been organizing these Fix Your Fashion workshops for some time. We Named girls have been tutoring in three of them, and the latest one was held at the crafts fair last weekend. The idea of these workshops is to give a new life to garments that are already past their best days, in short, to modify and fix them to be new and trendy again – a great and ethical concept.

… while the bros preferred Bows.

The original idea for the tie workshop came from Outi, who is one of the designers at DIY Showroom. For the fair we had only prepared a pattern for the tie, but at the spot, Antti from &Bros (also one of the brands at DIY Showroom) came up with the idea of the bow tie (or ‘Mirri’, as we call it here in Finland). So, basically the idea for both the tie and the bow tie was not ours in the beginning, all credits go to &Bros and Outi from Kude!

Some neckwear making

And by the way, these guys above made their bows themselves, which is pretty cool. Who would you make a piece of neckwear for? And what material would you choose?

– Laura & Saara


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