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Window one: The new Inari!

Our Xmas calendar starts today! From today until the 24th we will open a new window every day, revealing an interesting discount/offer/tip/other holiday-related thing! The discounts and offers are usually valid for only a day or two, so don’t forget to visit our Facebook page or Instagram daily!

This year we’ll start big with a brand new, FREE add-on pattern for the Inari Dress / Tee! The pattern includes a Peter Pan collar, and a long sleeve variation for the Inari, and you can download it for free here. Note that the pdf includes only the pattern, and the sewing instructions will be posted on our blog tomorrow.


Don’t you just hate it when you end up with a bunch of leftover scraps after every sewing project? We never dare to just throw them away, and therefore end up having a ton of little scarp pieces in our closets. It’s especially hard to let go of fabrics that are very special – it’s natural that you want to use them to the very last bit, just to make the most out of them! This is what happened to our Sprout Kielo leftovers (You can see the original Kielo post here). We already used some of the scraps around the pattern pieces to make the Kielo facing, but we still ended up with some bits and pieces that we just didn’t want to throw away.


The leftover pieces were too small for an entire garment, but they were big enough to be used for a small accessory, or a detail on another garment. Things like collars, pockets and cuffs are always great for using your leftover fabrics. Depending on the fabric and the desired effect, you can also use the scraps for things like pocket bags, facings and linings on smaller projects. We settled for a collar, because it’s just the perfect spot for displaying such a nice fabric, and chose to sew it on the Inari dress. Our trainee Anneli actually made the pattern for this big Peter Pan collar. She also made a brand new pattern for the long sleeve, which is great news to all of you living in the northern hemisphere at this time of the year!


Somehow large Peter Pan collars like this look very “Christmassy”, so it will make a great Xmas party dress. Inari also has quite a lot of space around the waist, which makes it ideal for Xmas dinner…


The collar and the sleeve are very easy to apply to Inari, without any alterations to the original pattern. Make sure to pop by our blog tomorrow, as we release another blog post for sewing the collar and the sleeve!


As the first offer of our Xmas calendar, the Inari pdf pattern is now only 10 € (from 13)! The discount is valid today and tomorrow, with this code:


XXX Saara & Laura

Pattern: Inari Tee Dress & Free Inari sleeve & collar add-on
Collar fabric: Poly Crepe de Chine from Spoonflower
Dress fabric: Stretch Bouclé from Eurokangas
Photos: Saara



  1. Sophie says:

    I should have checked the blog first for the Inari discount! I just bought my first Named patterns – Inari and Sointu… Oh well, I can’t wait to sew them up this weekend 🙂 Love your work.

    1. named says:

      Thank you Sophie <3 Hopefully you'll enjoy sewing with our patterns! - Laura

  2. Carla Lissa says:

    Love it! What a chic dress!

  3. Fanny says:

    Thank you so much for this freebie! I wanted to make a new inari dress for fall-winter but could not because of the short sleeves (I live in Canada, so I need long sleeves for winter!). This is perfect, thanks!

    1. named says:

      Yay! We’re so happy that the new freebies are found useful 🙂

  4. Krstlaco says:

    You answered my prayers ! It’s been my wish to make the Inari for the winter months and now I can ! Many thanks !
    Happy Holidays !

    1. named says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂

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