I haven’t received my pdf order, what should I do?

All pdf patterns are automatically sent to the email address you have provided, so please take care to always ensure that you enter the correct email address when making an order. The automated message includes a download link, and you can download your files by clicking on that link. If the pattern does not arrive in your inbox right away after your order has been confirmed, you may find it in your spam folder. If the message cannot be found in your spam either, please send us a message to info@namedclothing.com.

The download link can also always be found on the order confirmation page once the order has been paid for. If you have a Named account, all digital products you purchase are automatically saved on your account and can be downloaded at any time.

I’m looking for a specific Named pattern, but cannot find it.

The pattern you’re looking for might be discontinued. In order to keep our selection of patterns as up-to-date and high-quality as possible, we sometimes must retire older styles. Unfortunately, updating patterns into the newest format is not always possible, and that is why the following retired patterns will not be re-released (in the order of oldes to most recent):

Lane Slip, Eliot Tailcoat Top, Shane Pleated Top, Nico Turtleneck, Tyler Shirt, Fran Tie Shirt, Reese Wraparound Skirt, Rene Maxi Skirt, Charley Tux Pants, Cameron Flare Pants, Dakota Shawl Collar Dress, Aydan Collarless Dress, Julian Knit Dress, Drew Backless Dress, Andy Coat, Avery Cape, Blair Batwing Shirt, Alva Collar, Neckwear Collection, Selja Knot Tee, Kanerva Peplum Blouse, Saunio Cardigan, Nuna Hood Scarf, Leotie Midi Dress & Skirt, Wyome Boyfriend Jeans, Yona Wrap Coat, Manta Wave Leggings, Lourdes Cropped Jacket, Keana Piped Blouse, Florence Tulip Dress, Zaria Pencil Skirt & Flow Skirt, Geneva Raglan Tee, Beverly Twisted Bikini, Augusta Hoodie, Delphi Layered Maxi Dress, Harriet Lumberjacket, Polly Straight Skirt, Quinn Shirt, Madeleine Bow Tie Blouse, Astrid Wrap Pants & Shorts, Marie Gathered Blouse & Midi Dress.

I can't download my order, placed before November 2020.

Our web shop platform was upgraded on November 2nd, 2020. Sadly, importing customer accounts and orders from the old platform to the new one was not possible, and therefore customer accounts and orders placed before the upgrade date are no longer active. We are very sorry about the inconvenience. 

If you have un-downloaded pdf orders placed before November 2nd 2020, please send your order receipt to info@namedclothing.com, we will be happy to send you valid links.

Why can't my print shop print the PDF file?

All PDF patterns and instructions are password protected for copyright reasons and cannot be opened in editing programs such as Illustrator. Some print shops do not accept password-protected files, so please confirm that your print shop accepts password-protected files in advance. We do not disclose passwords or provide unprotected files to third parties under any circumstance.

You can also ask your print shop to contact us directly: info@namedclothing.com.

The wide format file in our Pre-2020 PDF patterns (released or updated before 2020) is always 841 mm wide, but the length of the sheet varies depending on the size of the pattern. These files are ideal for roll printers, allowing for a single sheet that does not need to be taped together. Unfortunately, not all print shops have a roll printer. It may be possible to split a roll-printer file into separate sheets using the 'poster' print settings, so please ask for this option from your print shop in advance.

Where can I find the free Inari or Kielo Sleeve add-on?

In 2020 we released remade versions for Kielo and Inari patterns, which both include the long sleeved variations. Therefore, to avoid confusion, the free add-on patterns were removed from our shop. However, if you own the original version of these patterns and would like to get the free add-on, you can download the Kielo sleeve here and the Inari sleeve & collar here. See the Kielo sleeve sewing instructions below.

Kielo sleeve add-on instructions

For a sleeved Kielo, select a knit fabric with approximately 50% stretch. Sew all plain seams with a serger, or the stretch stitch of your sewing machine.

To add the sleeve add-on to your Kielo pattern, first trace the Kielo front and back pieces on a tracing paper. Then, trace the sleeved armscye on top of the original Kielo armscye. The add-on armscye should match the original pattern from its ends; at the neckline end of the shoulder seam, and at the corner of the side seam, just above the tie placement.

1. After sewing the bust darts, contour darts and CB seam, sew the shoulder seams. Sew a strip of clear elastic to the shoulder seam to prevent it from stretching out of shape. Press the seam allowances towards the front.

Sew the sleeve to the armhole, matching notches. Note that the sleeve will be placed between the two little ’corners’ where the armhole ends and the side seam starts. These are indicated by notches (and Saara’s fingers in this image).

Matching the sleeve to the armhole

2. Sew the sleeve on, easing in the sleeve cap a bit, and press the seam allowances towards the dress. Serge the raw sleeve opening (or finish with a zigzag on your sewing machine).

Pinning and sewing the sleeve to the armhole

3. Fold the sleeve right sides together and pin the sleeve seam, and the side seam of the dress until the ’corner’, and sew.

Pinning and sewing the sleeve seam, and the side seam

4. Press the 2 cm hem allowance to the wrong side at the sleeve end, and stitch using the stretch stitch.

Finish the dress by following the Kielo instructions; make the belt, pin it to the side seam and sew the side seam from the ’corner’ down to the hem. Finish the bottom edge and the neckline.

Finished Kielo sleeve

How can I download the PDF patterns for the book?

You can find the download instructions inside your book. Please see the info box on any pattern sheet of the book for the download URL.

Can I buy patterns from the book separately?

Unfortunately the styles from the book (Breaking the Patten, Uuden kaavan mukaan & Building the Pattern) are only available in the book, and are not sold individually.

I can't log into my customer account.

We switched web shop platforms in the fall of 2020, and sadly all customer accounts created before the switch were lost. We are very sorry if your original account has been deleted. However, you can very easily create a new and improved customer account here. If you had un-downloaded orders in your original account, please send us a message to info@namedclothing.com, we will be happy to recover them.

If you have created your account after the fall of 2020, please try logging in with a different address or password, or resetting the password. If you still cannot log in, please contact us and we will take a look: info@namedclothing.com.

I have an original version of the Kielo/ Inari pattern,
can I get the re-released version?

In July 2020 we released new and completely remade versions for our Kielo and Inari patterns. Unfortunately, since these two patterns were drafted from the beginning and only their style is based on the original Kielo and Inari patterns, they are not updated for free like our regular updated patterns. You can see a list of our updated patterns, as well as find detailed information on the nature of the updates here.

Can I pick up my order from your office?

Our office is not open to customers. However, in some cases we can arrange a pick up for your order during our working hours. We are generally available from Monday to Thursday, 9.00–17.00 (9am to 5pm). Please contact us by e-mail before placing your order to inquire about pick-up and to arrange a possible pick-up time: info@namedclothing.com.