Meet the team


I am one of the two designers and founding members of Named. I’m in charge of the very core of our business: the patterns! I love solving problems and figuring out how to shape a two-dimensional fabric into a three-dimensional garment.

My tasks involve everything related to pattern making: drafting, grading and developing the raw patterns into pdf and printed pattern sheets. I also handle our web shop orders, reply to customer emails and edit all video tutorials, as well as juggle numerous other big and little tasks related to running a small business. 

When I’m not training my brain with impossible pattern puzzles, I like dancing, working out and teaching myself new crafty skills.

Measuring the bust circumference of a fitting doll


I am a co-designer and the younger sister of the founding duo. The word ‘entrepreneur’ probably describes the variety of my tasks most profoundly. The visible and most concrete (if you can call a digital file ‘concrete’) output of my work is our pattern instructions (excluding the measurement charts and cutting layouts, which are pattern-related and therefore Saara’s department).

I write, illustrate and put together the instructions. Behind the scenes I also handle our social media, send out newsletters and do other various day-to-day tasks.

In my free time I’m an avid vegan cook and food photography enthusiast. You could also spot me lifting weights at the local gym.

Wotrking on a laptop