Pattern Skill Levels

Our patterns are divided into five skill levels indicated by a five-slice pie chart. Using the pie chart, you can choose a pattern that matches your skill level, but don’t forget to give yourself a suitable challenge! Please keep in mind that the fabric you choose also affects the ease of making the garment. Read more about different fabrics here.


As the name suggests, these patterns are suitable for beginners and only include very simple basic sewing techniques, such as plain seams, turnups and hems. Beginner level patterns have simple cuts and likely will not require modifications to be made to the pattern.


These patterns are still simple but include some slightly more advanced basic constructions, such as darts, easy pockets, facings and simple slits. However, the patterns are still fairly simple designs and do not necessarily require any pattern alterations.


Intermediate patterns are basic patterns that include a large number of different constructions, such as collars, zippers and buttoning, as well as more advanced seams, such as French seams and flat felled seams. These patterns have more distinct and well-fitting cuts, which means that they may sometimes require slight alterations.


At this level, patterns already include many different advanced techniques and details, such as more complicated pockets and collars. These clothes often also include lining. Constructions and procedures may differ somewhat from the traditional, which will offer your brain a pleasant challenge.


Master level patterns are designed for experienced sewers and include many different challenging details and techniques.