Video sewalongs

Tyyni cigarette trousers

Part 1: Side pockets

Sewing the in-seam side pockets with a pocket facing.

Part 2: Fly front zipper

Sewing the fly-front zipper with a fly shield.

Part 3: Waist facing

Sewing the Tyyni trousers waist facing.

Part 4: Topstitching the fly & attaching the button

Learn how to finish up the zipper closure of the Tyyni trousers by topstitching the fly, and adding a concealed button.

Lilja dress, pinafore & blouse

Part 1: Bust & waist darts

Sewing the bust and contour darts.

Part 2: Neckline facing

Sewing the square neckline facing.

Part 3: Sleeves & cuffs

Sewing the gathered sleeves and cuffs.

Part 4: Ties & side seams

Sewing the wrap ties and side seams.

Part 5: Hem & tag

Sewing the rescue label.

Ninni elastic waist culottes

Part 1: Preparations

Tracing, cutting, and interfacing the pattern pieces.

Part 2: In-seam side pockets

An easy way to sew in-seam side pockets on trousers.

Part 3: Inseams & crotch

The basic technique for sewing a crotch seam of woven trousers.

Part 4: Elasticated waistband

How to sew an elasticated waistband on a woven garment.

Part 5: Hemming & attaching rescue tag

How to hem trousers and attach a clothing label on the hem.

Olo tee & pants set

Part 1: Preparations

Cutting, marking, and interfacing the pattern pieces. Cutting the binding using two methods.

Part 2: Shoulder seams with a stay tape

Learn to sew a stabilized shoulder seam on a knit garment using either stay tape or a strip of fabric.

Part 3: Binding the V-neck

Sew a neckline binding on a knit garment with a V-neck.

Part 4: Sleeves & side seams

The basic technique for sewing the side seam and sleeve seam of a knit garment.

Part 5: Inseams & crotch

The basic technique for sewing the crotch seam of knit pants.

Part 6: Elasticated waistband

How to sew an elasticated waistband on a knit garment.

Part 7: Hem

Hemming the hemline and sleeve ends of a knit top, as well as the leg openings of knit pants.

Syli dress

Part 1: Preparations

Preparing the pattern pieces by marking notches and pleat stitching lines, cutting bindings, and stay stitching the edges.

Part 2: Neckline vent

How to sew a vent with binding.

Part 3: Yoke

How to press the front pleat, and create a gathering using an easing thread.

Part 4: Neckline binding

How to bind a neckline with ties.

Part 5: Sleeves

Sewing a sleeve on a garment with dropped shoulders.

Part 6: In-seam side pockets

An easy way to sew in-seam side pockets on a dress.

Part 7: Sleeve vents

How to hem a sleeve vent.

Part 8: Sleeve & hem tucks

Measuring and stitching the tucks.

Part 9: Sleeve bindings

How to gather the sleeve openings and sew a binding with ties.

Part 10: Hem & rescue tag

Stitching a wide and curved hem, and attaching a clothing label on the pocket opening.

Hali wrap jumpsuit

Part 1: Preparations

Marking notches and bust darts, as well as stay stitching the neckline and pocket opening edges.

Part 2: Bust darts & front neckline

Sewing bust darts and hemming the neckline edges.

Part 3: Yoke

Sandwiching the front pieces between the yoke, and finishing the yoke by stitching in the ditch.

Part 4: Side seams & sleeves

Sewing a side seam with a tie opening, and setting in the sleeves.

Part 5: In-seam side pockets

How to sew in-seam side pockets.

Part 6: Bottom & waist

Sewing the bottom of the Hali wrap jumpsuit.

Part 7: Wrap tie closure

Sewing the wrap tie closure of the Hali jumpsuit or dress.

Part 8: Sleeve openings & rescue tag

Hemming sleeve openings and adding the tag on the hem.

Aina trousers 

Part 1: Cutting, marking & interfacing

How to cut and interface a fly front zipper, and mark notches, darts, and button placements.

Part 3: Inseams, side seams & crotch seam

Sewing the side seam up until the notch. Sewing the crotch seam of trousers with a fly front zipper.

Part 4: Zipper with a fly

How to sew a fly front zipper.

Part 5: Elasticated back facing

Learn to sew the elasticated back facing of the Aina trousers or culottes.

Part 6: Front waistband

How to sew the front waistband of Aina trousers or culottes.

Part 7: Buttonholes, buttons & hems

Measuring and sewing the buttonholes and the buttons with or without a shank.

Ilma smock dress 

Part 1: Cutting, marking & stay-stitching

How to cut notches and center front or center back notches. Stay stitching the pattern edges.

Part 2: Side seams & sleeves

Sewing the side seams. Attaching sleeves on an off-the-shoulder garment with an elasticated neckline.

Part 3: Tiered and gathered hemline

Creating a gathering using an easing thread, and sewing the tiered hem.

Part 4: Elasticated neckline

How to sew an elasticated neckline on an off-the-shoulder garment.

Part 5: Elasticated cuffs & hem

Sewing elasticated cuffs, and hemming the hemline.